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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Would you like to discover your hair reduction possibilities with our Lumenis Splendor X™ laser at Aesthetic Body Solutions? Board-certified internist Dr. Dale Prokupek in Beverly Hills, CA performs safe laser hair removal services for women and men on the back, legs, arms, face, underarms, chest, abdomen, groin, and bikini area. Our laser hair removal services are a convenient method for the long-term reduction of unwanted hair on the body and face. This treatment can leave the skin feeling and looking smoother while providing great, lasting results compared to other methods.

The Splendor X is the world’s first hybrid laser hair removal because it has both the Alexandrite 755nm (for lighter skin tones) and the Nd:YAG 1064 wavelengths (for darker skin tones). It also has a square (instead of round) footprint that prevents the uneven treatments that the lasers with a round footprint present. You will not have skipped areas or overlapped treatment areas that a circular footprint would provide. We look forward to showing you all that our laser system can do for you in a private consultation. Call and request an appointment today.

Who Qualifies?

Laser hair removal is a gentle procedure that is helpful for most patients. During your initial consultation, you will tell us about your hair removal concerns, needs, and goals. Ideal candidates for laser hair removal treatments:

  • Have unwanted facial or body hair
  • Want to stop using other hair removal techniques (shaving, waxing, bleaching, depilatory creams)
  • Are in overall, good physical health

Hair Removal Technique

At your appointment, you will relax in a private treatment room as the needed areas of your skin are washed to remove oil, dirt, and lotions. Once your skin is prepared, we will turn down the lights to begin your laser hair removal treatment. The Splendor X has a glow-in-the-dark marking system to guide us during your treatment. This is so that no area is overlapped or skipped. During the procedure, we will stretch out the area to provide a direct path between the root of the hair follicle and the laser. The laser beam will target and destroy the follicle, which prevents the hair from growing back. Our Splendor X laser is very powerful and has a double cooling system to keep your skin safe. The specialized technology we use at Aesthetic Body Solutions is able to target the hair follicle alone, preserving the skin in the treatment area.

You will have a minimum of 4 – 6 sessions. This may be determined by your age, hormonal activity, and other factors that affect hair growth.

After Your Hair removal

While this procedure is mostly gentle in nature, your skin may feel like it has a mild sunburn due to the use of lasers. After your treatment, you are free to go back to your daily activities, but you need to avoid strenuous activity or lengthy exposure to the sun for a period of a day to let the treated areas heal. At home following your appointment, we suggest soothing creams or cold packs to alleviate any discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does laser hair removal cost?
A laser hair removal treatment varies in cost, depending on the size and number of areas being treated, plus the number of sessions recommended to attain a smooth result. To put the cost of laser hair removal into perspective, think of the time and energy you are spending on shaving, waxing, or other methods. This is why laser hair removal is generally cheaper and can save you time and energy in the long run. We will develop a plan with the number of appointments you need and prices.

Is laser hair removal permanent?
While you can enjoy the results of the treatment for a long time, laser hair removal is considered semi-permanent because some hair follicles may not be affected by the laser. Regardless, patients find most of their hair is not growing anymore once their plan has concluded, and if stray hairs are still growing, it is easier to deal with. Additional laser hair removal sessions may also be scheduled to take care of new growth and any stragglers as well. We also offer maintenance sessions when you need them. One should expect about 85 – 95% hair reduction after six treatments, and touch-ups 1 – 2 times per year.

Why do I need multiple laser hair removal sessions?
Follicles grow in phases. When some hair follicles are growing, others are dormant. Since each follicle grows in various stages, several treatments are needed to target each hair when it is active. Spreading out your sessions over a few weeks helps you get better, smoother results.

Does laser hair removal hurt?
You can expect the Splendor X experience to feel more like a warm sensation than a discomfort.

Does your laser remove all hair colors?
No laser hair removal system can treat gray hair at this time. However, the Splendor X can treat most patients with blonde hair. We can give you a better estimation of how the laser will treat your hair during your consultation.

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If you're tired of wasting energy, money, and time on bleaching, plucking, shaving, and waxing, make an appointment to learn more about laser hair removal treatments at Aesthetic Body Solutions in Beverly Hills, CA. Laser hair reduction with Dr. Prokupek and his team can help you get smoother skin by effectively treating unwanted follicles on the body and face.

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